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First Line Fridays

It’s officially Fall around here, y’all! Cooler temperatures and winds blowing from the north have me craving a hot mug of apple cider and longing for a thick cozy blanket to go with my beautiful stack of books.

A dear friend has loaned me this week’s title, even before reading it herself!!! That is a true friend, readers. I’ve read many five-star reviews for this book and I’m absolutely thrilled to get my first taste of this author’s work!

The Lady and the LionHeart by Joanne Bischof

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The Lady and the LionHeart by Joanne Bischof

Roanoke, Virgina
Spring, 1890

With the hiss of smoothing irons and the starchy scent of soap trailing her, Ella toted a bundle of hospital linens up the steps.

Do you and your friends exchange, loan, or borrow books from one another?

So, open the book nearest to you and post the first line in a comment below!

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    I LOVE to share books with my heart sister. I’ll be seeing her tomorrow and will bring her more to read! 😉


    The bloody image of King Zireli fell away as Chima lifted into the ash-riddled air. ACCELERANT by Ronie Kendig

    It literally just arrived in today’s mail! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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      Yay! Bookish friends are extra special!
      Woo hoo for your book mail! Happy Dance! I’ve not read any of Ronie’s titles but I think I should!
      Happy Friday, Caryl!

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    I wiped slick palms on my jeans and shuffled the reins form one hand to the other. “From ROPED by DiAne Gates! 🙂 A clean YA novel that all ages will enjoy!

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      Hi Caryl!!! Thanks for joining us on FLF!!! Your first line title looks promising, I’ll have to check it out!

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    From the Candy Cane Kisses boxed set, Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful by Susan May Warren: “At least here, online, Hannah Butcher, aka SmokinHuntress62, could save the world.”

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    I am really enjoying being apart of this. My first line is from Julie Lessman’s new book Love Everlasting that releases today.
    “Okay, smile pretty—hot guys at three o’clock.”

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      I am so glad you’ve joined us! I love Julie!

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    I LOVE this book so much! Sigh! 🙂

    My first line:

    I stared, wide awake, at the ceiling of Puckerbush’s only Veterinary clinic.
    ~The Cursed Dagger by Alyson Peterson

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      I am really excited about reading it!
      Your first line is interesting and the title makes me just a little bit uncomfortable 😉

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    It takes a real man to be a Missouri River pilot, and that’s why a good one draws down as high as a thousand dollars a month. Stephanie Grace Whitson’s “A Captain For Laura Rose”
    I haven’t read it yet, I had to reboot my kindle this was the first book past my “collections” pages.

    I share books with my sister and mom. They understand my obsession with keeping my books looking new.

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      I have a Stephanie Grace Whitson title in my tbr. Your obsession is a worthy one!

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    Thanks, y’all for stopping by! I love chatting books with fellow readers and I will drop back by tomorrow so leave your first line if you haven’t already!

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    Oh I can’t wait to read this one! Hehe! “It was like being in jail.” Can’t Help Falling…Ahhh! One of my fav books of the YEAR!!! Of FOREVER!!!

    1. // Reply

      Hahaha! I’ll be sure to get to you when I finish!
      Can’t Help Falling is only a week away for me!

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    I loved Lady & the Lionheart!! “Nothing in Abigail MacLeod’s life prepared her for the shock of watching Benjamin Rosen die in her arms.” Lynn Austin. This is from my local Christain book club for the month of September. Sadly I didn’t have time to finish 🙁
    I hope to catch up on my reading after Blown Together releases October 15.

    1. // Reply

      What’s the title of this Lynn Austin book?
      And YAY for your upcoming release!!!

      1. // Reply

        It’s called Wings of Refuge. It’s older and somehow I missed it. Thank you!

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    I misspelled Christian here, too. My brain…

    1. // Reply

      😉 I think we all have those moments!

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    From Dawn Crandall’s The Bound Heart (prologue):

    “Come on, Meredith…” Vance Everstone urged with a smile.

    I’m planning to start it this weekend. Loved the first book, The Hesitant Heiress.

    1. // Reply

      The Bound Heart is my favorite so far! Enjoy!

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    OH! I can’t wait for you to read this one! I love it so much!

    1. // Reply

      Remember how I said I was going to get some blogging in on Sunday afternoon… no, I read the whole shebang! Couldn’t put it down. There are no words.

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