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Hello, reader friends! I’m happy to be introducing you to a “new-to-me” author today! I’ve read some great reviews for her series (which is on my tbr). She has a lot to share with us including TWO giveaways!

About the Author

Marguerite Martin Gray is the author of Hold Me Close: Revolutionary Book One and Surround Me: Revolutionary Faith Book Two. She enjoys studying history and writing fiction.

An avid traveler and reader, she teaches French and has degrees in French, Spanish, and journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and a MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

Marguerite is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Abilene Writers Guild, ad Daughters of the American Revolution. Originally from Louisiana, she currently lives in Abilene with her husband.

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Five Favorite Places in the World

Marguerite: These places give me inspiration for my novels as well as excellent vacation destinations.

Château de Chenonceau

The Château de Chenonceau is a lovely “small” castle in the Loire Valley in France. This fairy-like resistance of kings and queens of the past is the perfect size for dreamers like me.

I can see myself dancing on the black and white ballroom marble floor or cooking in the huge kitchens on the ground floor that looks out on the river. The castle extends over the river and has gorgeous gardens.

Carcassonne is a walled medieval city in Southern France that takes me back to perhaps how it was to live among the everyday citizens living and working together at the base of a castle on tight winding roads.

Mont-St.-Michel is on the western coast of France on the border of Normandy. What a vision rising out of the sea! A monastery on the top of a mountain with a city circling up to the church offers quaint shops, restaurants and hotels.

Assisi, Italy is another city on a hill with roads circling up to an ancient fortification. It has at least two medieval churches. The best thing is the Italian charm with the door entrances lined with potted flowers and stairways disappearing around the corners, color popping up often up and down the cobbled pavement.

Sylvan Retreat
Sylvan Retreat

Sylvan Retreat is my family home in Gibsland, Louisiana. This 1848 Antebellum house is full of history and stories. Today is it still a home where we make more memories and history.

Beth: You are quite the world traveler! I enjoy visiting places like these between the covers of a good book!


Tell us about your latest release

Marguerite: For the Revolutionary Faith series, I found my inspiration from my father as he was giving a tour of our family antebellum home. He showed items belonging to my eight times great grandfather Louis Lestarjette.

For some reason, I was fascinated that I was attached to these items through history—the candlesticks, the locket, the walking cane. Soon I found myself in Charleston, S.C., deep into research and my first novel in the series, Hold Me Close. It is set in pre-revolution Charles Town in 1772.

The chance of reconciliation with England moves further out to sea leaving Elizabeth on the shores of surrender to a greater challenge. Although others of unwavering courage give her strength, she must choose to allow God’s love to surround her

Revolutionary Faith series

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Beth: I’ve seen great reviews for your books! They are on my tbr. 🙂

Tell us about your next release

Marguerite: Bring Me Near, Revolutionary Faith Book Three, will be released summer 2017. It continues the story of Louis and Elizabeth and the citizens of Charles Town in 1775.

I am editing Labor of Love, the first novel in my Gardens of Time series. In 1560 Florence, Italy, Marco accepts a job as a gardener at Pitti Palace hoping someday to claim property of his own from the Duke. Anna lives within the palace as a companion to the daughters of the Medici Duke and Duchess. She struggles with the question of her role in the palace once the youngest daughter marries.

Beth: How exciting! Thank you for sharing your favorite places and bookish news with us, Marguerite!!!


Marguerite Martin Grey is sponsoring TWO separate giveaways of Surround Me here on Faithfully Bookish.

The paperback giveaway is open to US residents only. The ebook giveaway is open internationally where available.

Surround Me by Marguerite Martin Gray giveawayscomplete giveaway rules

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you traveled to any of Marguerite’s favorite places?
What is your favorite place?


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    I’ve not been fortunate enough to visit any of Marguerite’s favorite places. My favorite place is the Ozark Mountains. We are very fortunate that in our retirement years that we are now able to purchase our own little piece of paradise and are building our dream home on it now. We hope to be moved in within a month. I can’t wait!

    1. // Reply

      How wonderful, Kay!!! I’ve not visited the Ozarks yet but they are not too far away and my granny visited that area several times. Congratulations on your new adventure!

    2. // Reply

      I love the Ozark Mountains. Since I am from Louisiana, we go to the Ozarks often. Lovely.

  2. // Reply

    I have been to Louisiana, although not to her home. 🙂 Some of my favourite places are the river walk in San Antonio, TX, the countryside in Ireland, the beach in Ocean City, NJ and all of the museums in Washington, DC.

    1. // Reply

      It’s a great big world! I haven’t visited any of her places or yours! 🙂 So much to see and do!

    2. // Reply

      I LOVE San Antonio–I went to Trinity University in SA. And I adore Washington D.C. I’ve been five times and always find something new.

  3. // Reply

    I’ve never traveled to her favorite places. My favorite place is Chincoteague Island in Virginia.

    1. // Reply

      We took our children to Chincoteague Island and visited the horses. Lovely B & B there.

  4. // Reply

    I have never traveled to her favorite places. I have toured some Plantation houses in New Orleans, Louisiana. They were beautiful but if I got to travel to some more places I know my favorites would change from time to time.

    1. // Reply

      New Orleans was our family destination as a child. My daughter lives there now. Those houses are beautiful and very large. My family home is considered a farm house compared to those in the deep south like New Orleans.

  5. // Reply

    I’ve not had the pleasure of traveling to Margerite’s favorite places. Several years ago I did go to New Orleans. One of my favorite places is Colorado Springs, CO. 🙂

    1. // Reply

      Colorado is so pretty! We’ve driven through Denver… traffic was insane but the views are breathtaking!

    2. // Reply

      Colorado Springs is breathtakingly beautiful. We been through several times on hour way to ski resorts like Leadville and Keystone.

  6. // Reply

    Thank you Beth for the author spotlight. I loved all the comments. Have a great Easter weekend.

    1. // Reply

      A joyful Easter weekend to you too! Can’t wait to see where else readers like to travel 🙂

      1. // Reply

        Me too. I love the answers.

  7. // Reply

    I haven’t visited any of Marguerite’s favorite places, but it was nice to read about them. My favorite place to visit is Charleston SC.

    1. // Reply

      I haven’t been to Charleston but it would be a fascinating place to visit!

    2. // Reply

      Then you might enjoy my books set in Charleston! I just spent a week in Charleston and loved every minute. It will always be a place I return to often.

  8. // Reply

    i haven’t visited any of Marguerite’s favorite places. i love Pennsylvania.

    1. // Reply

      Love Philadelphia! Lots of research there for my books.

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    I haven’t been to any of Marguerite’s favorite places. I enjoy history and have read both of Marguerite’s books. Historical genre readers will enjoy this series. I’m not entering the giveaway since I’ve read the books.

  10. // Reply

    I haven’t been to any of Marguerite’s places. I have been to France–the Normandy beaches and Paris. Unforgettable.

    1. // Reply

      Visiting the Normandy beaches would be a powerful experience! Thank you for sharing, Terri!

    2. // Reply

      Hey, Terri! I went to the Normandy beaches and Paris in March 2016. The beaches were such a memorable experience. I want to go back and do more exploring.

  11. // Reply

    I have not traveled to any of hurt favourite places. My favorite place to be is my little cabin on a small reservoir in West Texas.

      1. // Reply

        I live in west Texas so I understand entirely!

    1. // Reply

      And that equals contentment…

  12. // Reply

    I haven’t traveled to any of the places mentioned, but one of my family’s favorite places is Stowe, Vermont.

    1. // Reply

      I think I would like to visit Vermont. Just watched a Hallmark movie Moonlight in Vermont. Pretty.

  13. // Reply

    Never traveled to any of these p!aces, but they sure sound like wonderful places to visit! The pictures are gorgeous! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win a book by a new-to-me author!

  14. // Reply

    I’ve not been to any of these places. Looks like they might have to go my bucket list of places to go. Thx for sharing.

    1. // Reply

      I would love to go to Canada. It is on my list as is Idaho….I love to travel to new places.

    2. // Reply

      Anne, I have a long list of places I want to visit a first time and a list to go back….Not enough time or money….hehe.

  15. // Reply

    That chateau is beautiful!!! My husband and I have Italy on our bucket list. I have been to Calgary, Canada twice and I just love the openness and beauty of the area. Although, I pretty much enjoy traveling anywhere-it is rare that I explore outside of little old small town Idaho.

  16. // Reply

    No, I’ve not been to Margurite’s favorite places.

    My favorite place is with my family… and visiting family in South Africa.

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